Dedicated Development Teams

Our dedicated development teams

can develop anything as per your requirements

Based on your specific needs, we offer you the mix of expertise required to get your software project done in time and on budget. For custom software design and development projects based on clearly defined specifications, NAM can offer either a Fixed, Firm Price (FFP) contract or a Time & Materials (T&M) contract. With our T&M contracts, we endeavor to stay within our initial estimate if project specifications are not subject to material change. We try to be as transparent as possible in our pricing.

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Offshore Development

Offshore software development is a very attractive business proposition. It provides the companies all the same skilled engineers while reducing cost and time. At EATL, we provide two types of offshore development for the best interest of the customer

Standard Offshore Development

Our Project Manager, who is fluent in English and has software development and project management skills, interacts with your (the client's) manager and the offshore development team.

Offshore Development with nearshore/onsite bridge support

Our Bridge System Engineer (BSE), who is fluent in English and has software development and project management skills, interacts with Client's Manager, Client Team, Other Vendor(s), and EATL Offshore Team.

Benefits of Dedicated Teams

We manage the team allowing the client to focus on other priorities.

Dedicated Development Teams

Lower Cost

Dedicated Development Teams

Lower Risk

Dedicated Development Teams

Maximum Flexibility

Dedicated Development Teams

Focus on Target

Get your project done with creative developers, not code typists.

We employ 40+ developers with BA and MA degrees obtained in top Eastern European Universities with advanced skills in Microsoft.NET, Node.js, PHP, Angular.js, React.js, Java, Python, Perl, C++, iOS, Android, and more. Our team is completed by our USA analysts with 20+ years experience and our ITIL Project Managers that ensure the streamline of the development process.
Dedicated Development Teams

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Dedicated Development Teams

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Dedicated Development Teams

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Dedicated Development Teams


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